Guided tours with catering on Babyni Kozy farm

tour on the farm
Our goat farm is one of the oldest in Ukraine and is located about 140 km south of Kiev.
Arrange with us a tour of the farm for groups (available year-round), which lasts about 1-2 hours. We are a young family - Anna, Alexander and our little helpers Zakhar and Solomiya. During the farm tour we tell you the story of the farm, show you how to milk goats and tell you how to make cheese. buy goatkids
buy goatsoap You can milk and taste fresh goat milk. You can bring some goodies for the goats (for example bread slices or apple slices). If you like, you are welcome to feed and stroke our goats during the tour. We guarantee many pleasant impressions and incredible feelings. It will be interesting for old and young!!!

buy soap
buy ukrainian cheese We'll also tell you about cheese making - when, how and why we started making cheese. After the tour, you will go to our cozy goat farm café, where you can taste our products. We offer red wine and herbal tea for tasting a rich cheese platter. After tasting, you have a great opportunity to buy our products at an affordable price.

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